Anyone interested in being a ref, please contact Melissa Hardy at 712-242-5807. 

“Murphy’s Law”

• Murphy’s Law #1:
     Knowing the game isn’t enough without knowing the Laws but knowing the Laws      is not as important as knowing the game.

• Murphy’s Law #2:
     Referees let the game flow by giving up control but referees who lose control ruin the flow of the game.

• Murphy’s Law #3:
     Referees allow players to take advantage of advantages but advantage can be to the referee’s disadvantage.

• Murphy’s Law #4:
     The obvious is obvious but knowing what’s obvious isn’t.

• Murphy’s Law #5:
     Offside is well understood by players, coaches and spectators but their difficulty lies in convincing the referee.

• Murphy’s Law #6:
     Persistent infringement is not allowed but players need not persist to be guilty.
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