The following policy was approved and adopted by the National Board of Directors at their October 2006 meeting in Hawthorne California:

Effective August 1, 2009, all AYSO coaches and assistant coaches who wish to coach
in the AYSO National Games, concurrent secondary play competitions or nationally
sanctioned AYSO Tournaments must, at a minimum:

     1. Be a registered volunteer in eAYSO for the current year.
     2. Have AYSO Safe Haven for Coaches certification.
     3. Be trained per the National Coaching Program Guidelines at the age/skill level of the team they wish to enter/coach.

Following are the required certifications for each of the age levels:
     Division           Minimum Required Certification
     U-10                     U-10 Coach
     U-12                     U-12 Coach
     U-14                     Intermediate Coach
     U-16 & U-19          Advanced Coach
Many sections and areas have already adopted this requirement for those coaching in area and/or section sponsored competitions. This policy is also supported and backed by the National Tournament Commission and is to be included in the Tournament Handbook.

To schedule ‘age appropriate’ coach training and AYSO certification please contact one of the following:

     • Your local Regional Coach Administrator (U-10 and U-12 Training)
     • Your Area Coach Administrator (Intermediate Training)
     • Your Section Coach Administrator (Advanced Training)
Contact information for any of the these administrators can be accessed through your Regional Commissioner or by contacting the Coaching Department at the AYSO National Support and Training Center (1-800-USA-AYSO) or via email to

Although only the age-specific course is required to meet the new requirement at the U-10 and U-12 levels, it is best for the players if each coach at U-10 and U-12 has the full range of AYSO coach training (U-6, U-8, U-10 and U-12). Please note, however, before taking the Intermediate, Advanced or National Coach courses, there are prerequisites that must be met. If you plan to coach at the U14 level or above in one or more of the identified competitions , please go to and refer to the “Training Matrix” section for the prerequisites for Intermediate, Advanced or National Coach Training.

Remember to take the online Safe Haven for coaches, this must be completed before any practices or games take place.   You will need you AYSO ID number to gain access to the online training.  Ask you Regional Commissioner for your AYSO ID number.
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